My name’s Jon and
I photograph people and places
with Hannah,
my wife and best friend.

Life to us is a safari of
countless moments and emotions,
both precious and fleeting.

Through photography,
I hope to bottle
the colour of life’s seasons
in pictures of you,
your smirks, quirks
and the full works!


my shooting style

We can always chase gorgeous light and beautiful backdrops, but photographs ultimately turn stunning when we focus on your connection. I want to celebrate how you two individuals have found each other through the sea of life’s experiences and realised there is no other they want to wake up to every morning. That’s amazing. I am great at giving guidance and keeping things light-hearted, while providing you the space to love each other. So don’t worry about posing or looking awkward.

maybe even
giggle a little
& enjoy yourself
just as you would
on a really fun date!

What naturally flows is a set of candid and timeless photos that capture genuine chemistry and emotions of your one of a kind relationship!

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Photography is more than just showing up and clicking a button. The most important memories of your life shouldn’t be photographed by a complete stranger. I believe that through knowing you better, I am able to better tell your story. So yes! Let’s grab a coffee.

the final product

Your highly anticipated photo collection will be ready in 6 – 8 weeks for couple sessions and 8 – 12 weeks for weddings. While I would like to be the perfectionist in photo editing, making you wait forever isn’t fair.

Also, no image leaves me until they have been carefully curated, hand-edited, and organized. I don’t charge extra for editing, or set limits on the number of photos I deliver.

My goal is to tell your story from start to end,
beautiful and complete.